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December 1, 2010

Kidnapped Book One: The Abduction

Gordon Korman

ISBN 0-439-84777-X

Realistic Fiction

Do you like books that have you at the edge of your seat, or that leave you wondering what will happen next? If so, Kidnapped Book One: The Abduction, by Gordon Korman is obviously for you. This Realistic Fiction is about a girl, named Meg Falconer, daughter of alleged terrorists, John and Louise Falconer. Many people believe the Falconers are guilty, even though proven innocent. Now the Falconers are back to living a normal life, or so they thought. In a matter of seconds, Meg was kidnapped as her brother Aiden watched in horror. Is this an act of revenge, or are the kidnappers in it for money? What lengths will the Falconers go to, to get their precious Meg back?

In this book, I get a new meaning of the word family. The Falconers even call in the hated Agent Harris (the person from the FBI that arrested John and Louise Falconer) to try and find their beloved Meg. Also, this was a real page-turner because I felt that I was there in the very room with the Falconers as they went through this terrible ordeal. I felt like I was hearing about this and seeing their terrified faces on the 5:00 news. There are also lots of surprises in the story. Like when one of the kidnappers wanted to play paper airplanes with Meg. Have you ever heard of any kidnappers who “play” with their prisoners?

I strongly recommend this book for kids 4-6 grade. I have to warn you though, this book is so suspenseful that you won’t want to put it down. It’s very suspenseful because you can feel the tension in the air, as the FBI goes to investigate a sighting of a girl that fits Meg’s description. Was it her? Could this finally be the end of the Falconer saga? Or is it too good to be true? Also, when you finish this book, there are other flabbergasting choices about the Falconer saga, before Meg’s kidnapping, like the On the Run series. Some of the books are, Hunting the Hunter, Public Enemies, and The Stowaway Solution.