Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Titanic Locket (The Haunted Museum #1) by Suzanne Weyn

Over the years, many people have been, and continue to be, fascinated with the Titanic and the terrible fate of the passengers that sailed on the ship’s maiden voyage in 1912.  But have you ever stopped to wonder what it would be like to take a cruise on an exact replica of the Titanic?  Or, if presented with the opportunity, would you dare to sail on such a ship?  Sisters, Jessica and Samantha, have arrived in England to do just that – set sail on a cruise ship that is an exact replica of the Titanic.  Like the Titanic, this is the ship’s maiden voyage, but of course this ship has been equipped with all the latest modern day conveniences, or has it?  Right from the start, strange things start happening to the sisters.  Are the people on the ship really actors in old-fashioned clothes? Then their room number keeps changing from 266 to 299. There’s also strange scratching noises inside the wall that no one else seems to be able to hear. And then there’s that locket from the Haunted Museum.  Why does it keep appearing on the ship, who or what wants it and will do anything to get it back?

This book is a nonstop read!  In the beginning it piqued my interest about the Titanic, but then the spookiness took over.  I hadn’t expected it to get so scary so fast.  Once that happened I just couldn’t stop reading, I had to find out if the sisters survived!