Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Plum Lake Library

Like anybody, I love going on vacation.  What may not be so normal is that I also love visiting the local libraries when I’m traveling.  I think it’s something about the smell of the books as you walk through the door.  It’s so comforting.  It’s like a little part of home when you’re on the road. I always feel so safe and welcome when I’m in a library.  Maybe it’s because I love to read.  I admit, I’m a book person.  So this summer I’m doing something I’ve always wanted to do.  I’m stopping at every library I encounter, exploring it, and taking pictures.  I realize that may not sound exciting to some people, but for those of us who love to read and enjoy libraries, it’s fun!

Today I’m posting pictures of one of my most favorite vacation libraries, the Plum Lake Library in Sayner, Wisconsin.  Every year my family vacations on Plum Lake and this is the library we head to for not only books but also a great Wifi connection.  In fact, on a rainy day the library can be full to bursting with vacationers.  True, the free Wifi might lure them in, but I like to think that once they’re there they check out all the great books.  And the library cards are free!

Fat Boy vs. the Cheerleaders by Geoff Herbach

Fat Boy vs. the Cheerleaders is the perfect summer read for not only middle and high school students, but also for those whose high school experience may not have been with the popular clique.  Gabe, aka “Chunk”, and his friends decide that they’ve had enough when their band camp is taken away from them so that the cheerleaders can have a dance team and a fancy new coach.  Gabe in particular has had enough.  For the past few years it seems like everything that was important to him has either left or been taken away.  His mom left, his dad has checked out, his best friend left to be part of the popular crowd, band camp is no more, and now his beloved band teacher is on a downward spiral.  Gabe has decided to take back his life.  He’s tried of letting people make fun of him and being the class clown.  He taps into his leadership bone and with help from some new friends, and grandpa, Gabe organizes an offbeat protest to take back the band.

I absolutely loved this book!  Gabe and his friends are the kind of kids that are so easy to cheer for.  They call themselves “geeks” in the book, but they’re the kids that care enough about each other and their school to really get things done.  They’re the movers and shakers of the future!  Let’s hear it for the nerds!